was founded in 2012 by a creative collective based out of Atlanta, Ga. VU is known for organizing community experiences on and offline.

The VERSE UNION Experience


    In 2017, VU expanded to Los, Angeles California adding new affilates to the network by way of 90 minute Pop-Up Events and Songwriting Workshops.


    The visual marketing department of VU has won Indie Fest Awards, featured in panel discussions, 48-hour Film Festival, Sound + Vision stage at Atlanta Film Festival, collabrative content creations with social media influencers and partnered in TV productions suchas CapitalOne commericals, Car Karaoke, and the Kelly Clarkston show. FTV has also distrubuted projects via Amazon Prime and IGTV.


    We affliate creators who are amongst the same community type, culture or artform. We network frequenty with curators in movement with the mission and overall vision.


Periodically we handpick public figures, influencers, musicians, filmmakers, entreprenuers, artist and independent businesses within the network or social media lists. In the live VU experiences we highlight Business Owners and invite them to vend during the event rather vitural or in-person. Typically, we will send out quarterly press releases; meanwhile we'll utilize social media to support the creative commons community. To get involved feel free to send VU an email [ ]

  • SESSIONS members come together to collabrate at the start of a new project in creation sessions.
  • WRKSHPS attendees participate in completing timed assignments regarding creating visual and digital content in VU workshops.
  • EDU. RESEARCH groups come together with new found research topics to spark thoughts for writing exclusive articles of substance with our partners.
  • A.S ENT Afterschool Entertainment allows the youth to participate in creating thier own media platforms and content with afterschool activities.
  • PHILANTHROPY giving back is a common peace that we practive constantly. Contributing our services, arts or simply donating our time to support others in the creative commons community is our charitable mission.

We're always looking to connect!